10 Things All Dog Owners Agree On - Do you?

10 Things All Dog Owners Agree On - Do you?

Being a dog owner is like being part of a special community. We just get each other...we know what it's like to love a dog unconditionally and we love to share funny stories about what they get up to.

We are all fiercely proud of our dogs and obviously we all think our own dogs are the best dogs in the world.

But there are things we can all agree on about our dogs. Things that if you are part of the special dog community you just know are true.

10 Things All Dog Owners Can Agree On

1. Our own dog is the best dog in the world - FACT

2. We are never going to have a perfect home free of dog hair. No matter what you see on Instagram!

3. Dogs should always be allowed on the couch and most have their own spot that they don't share with humans

4. Talking to your dog makes total sense - of course they understand us.

5. It's absolutely normal to have a party for your dogs birthday - or at the very least a little happy birthday song and gift

6. Adding your dog's name to Christmas cards is the norm - they are after all part of the family 

7.Telling your dog you love them, sometimes more than your partner, is quite normal. You want them to feel loved after all

8. Taking photos of their every move is essential. What if you missed them napping in a slightly different position looking extra cute?

9. Buying your dog new toys, collars and treats every time you go to the shop is completely necessary. 

10. Talking to co workers, friends and family about your dog ALL THE TIME is an absolute must!