Meet The Owners Of Love Your Pets Merchandise

Meet The Owners Of Love Your Pets Merchandise

My name is Kate McQuillan and I own Love Your Pets Merchandise along with my husband Michael. We have 2 gorgeous Pointer dogs and a very spoilt cat called Smug.

Over the last 10 years we have operated our Pet Sitting business here in Ireland and its been a privileged to work with so many pet owners across Ireland taking care of their gorgeous pets – whether that has been while they work or when they take a holiday.

But then disaster struck the world. And our current Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services were no longer needed as much as they had been.

People were not going to work and no-one was travelling.

What could we do?

It was my love of comfy clothing that sparked the idea. Hoodies, sweatshirt, t-shirts, leggings…all of them are on my go-to list of favourite clothes. I can’t get enough.

Being a huge animal lover they suit my lifestyle of constantly being covered in pet hair! (I’m sure you can all relate to that!)

Combine a comfy sweatshirt with a way to show off my love of pets and I’m sold.

Because in my opinion you can NEVER have enough comfy clothes! And it turned out it wasn’t just me.

I talked to other pet owners and they love this stuff too. So here we were looking for a way to adapt our business and it made sense that we would create clothing that our fellow Pet Lovers could enjoy.

What comfy clothes are we selling?

We’re starting with hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and aprons – and a few mugs for all that coffee and tea we are all drinking! And we are expanding rapidly as we develop more designs.

The clothing has cute sayings on that we can ALL relate to. And many items have our signature paw logo on them.

It’s a fun range for pet lovers who want to let the world know they love their pets – just like we do.