Tips for Walking Your Dog as They Get Older

Tips for Walking Your Dog as They Get Older
I have been noticing recent changes in the way my dog walks – they aren't walking as fast as they used to.
Is your dog a senior? 
If it is, then it could be an early symptom of arthritis.  
But this doesn't mean that you need to stop walking your dog. But we do have some tips for you to make walks more enjoyable for them.

5 Tips on How to Walk Older Dogs

Always Plan for the Weather 
The weather is one of the most important things you need to consider before taking your dog on a walk. There is so much bad weather can do to your dog – whether old or young. For instance, extreme cold or heat can affect their joints and bones and cause deteriorating health. 
So, before you leave home for a walk, ensure to check the weather forecast for the day and plan for it. You might find that in cold and wet weather you want to get them a coat to wear. You might also need to reduce outdoor time by some minutes. And always dry them off when you get back. 

Maintain A Decent Distances for Walks

As your dogs get older their agility reduces, so you shouldn’t expect them to take longer walks as they used to when they were young.
Instead you can replace longer walks with short distances but more walks, i.e., take a short walk, allow them to rest, and continue with another short distance until they’ve covered enough distance. These distances may vary depending on different factors such as dog size, breed, and medical needs. 

Go at the Right Time 

You should consider taking regular walks at the same time daily so that your dog is not over, or under, walked on any one day. 
Try to keep to a schedule that works for you both and suits the age of your dog.

Always Take Supplies – Water, Treats, Poop Bags

One of the essential things needed during a dog walk is supplies – water, treats and poop bags.
Depending on the weather, and how far you are from home, it would be good to have a towel incase they get wet.

Rest or Take Breaks When Necessary 

Finally, taking breaks when necessary is important. Your dog might need time to gain energy for the rest of their walk.
Walking exercise is good for dogs, especially older ones, because it keeps them fit and reduces stress on different parts of their body. So don't feel that because they are older you should not walk them.